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Default Atlon AUTHENTICATED 900

> The amd ATHLON authenticated 900 whit a MSI K7T - Pro 2 <
Or Higher mainboard has a perfectly Bios setting menu for the CPU. here you can set you Clock and so on.
The AMD Authenticated atlon CPU's don't burn up that instantly like the new xp cpu's does.
the xp and tweaking it you need.. like watercooling or something or realy high fans.
i just used a cheep 1.5g CPU cooler and 2 10inch system fans
1 system fan at the front to GET new cool air out of the room and one at the back to suck the old warm air out of the system and blow in into the room (and i have warm feets)
It isn't that hard to tweak it if you just use the right settings in you bois. but at the old bois systems. you need a pencil and it was something about scrathing of some stuff of your cpu i realy don't WANT to explain. if you have this mainboard it's just to eazy .

I have to warn you. if you cpu does burn out. it's your own mistake.. and keep this in mind.
if you tweak your amd this way.. you have to do it step by step.
don't set the clock settings directley at 20 or 30 % but begin one number at the time. look at the ratings of your cpu how warm it is. i can say.. 1g is SAVE for the 900 mhz cpu but scheck it one at the time to set it at 1g.
1 number up everytime and look at your clock rate at saving and rebooting..
more i can't tell
only becouse i dont want to have someone elses CPU broken and this mather is offtopic to my question.
if you want to now more..
come at my own forum postet at my profile into the personal webpage i have to search the right words for it at my bios for this mather. also you can contact me privatly at my mail
trough private message or mail we can speak dutch (i saw amsterdam ey but i have to find the names of the settings to discuss this mather. also i can be found much at the tmf chatbox

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