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Default Re: gaming fees...?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I have already played some different MMORPGs, I was invited to a few beta tests. Several of those games are fun but nothing I would pay a monthly fee for.
Kinda like cable or dish t.v. A couple interesting channels but nothing I'd be will to pay a monthly fee for.

You don't expect cable to be free, do you? Why do games with the truly massive upkeep that MMORPGS have need to be free?

I dare Guild Wars to turn a long term profit

Some of you guys are saying things like "Well, they could pay for the bandwidth they host by simply selling a couple thousand copies of the game (assuming they aren't warezed to crap, as they are, of course).

So what your saying is that once people are buying like one copy a year (Quake III right now), and the company can't afford to support their game anymore, it's all good because at least they didn't charge?

Also, if you could make a larger profit by simply charging a little for what most people are willing to pay, wouldn't you charge?? Yes, you certainly would.
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