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MMORPGs are fun, no doubt in my mind. I know servers and bandwidth are expensive. I can remember back at the begining of EQ1 (when I played it) SOE had to get sprint to upgrade one of their hubs in LA because it was bottlenecking them. BUT the price is too high.

It doesn't take a degree in economics to see, look how many MMORPGs there are, Look how many have come out in the past year, they're all surviving (even ol' Ultima Online). And guess what, developers aren't done yet, they're making even MORE MMORPGs. Why do developers spam one gametype? It's not to make us happy, let me give you a hint: $.

I've been in quite a few MMORPG betas and almost all of them, during the sign up process, ask how much money you'd spend to play the game. They give you sections like $8-$10, $10-$12, etc. You know what they do is plug in the numbers, throw up a graph and pick the point where they can make the most money. It's what I'd do, it's what you'd do.

Once we start to tell them (and mean it) that we're only willing to pay $10/month, guess what, they'll only charge us $10/month.
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