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Cool eVGA 6800U SLI on dual Opteron 250

What can I say?

Simply amazing.

Dual evga 6800ultra SLI (copper heatsinks)
Dual Opteron 250
Tyan s2895 with sata and scsi
16 GB of RAM ecc reg
(4) sata Hitachi Deskstar 400GB (1.6 terabytes raid 0)
Samsung 243t 24" lcd DVI

Windows Enterprise Server 2003 64bit RC1

What hourglass?

I feel like the dude on the sofa of the Memorex commercial.

I built the box for medical imaging, but how could I not play games on it?

Doom III looks soooooooooo sweet.
Painkiller BOH 1.61 looks great too. well as FarCry 1.3

Ok, I will benchmark and take screen-shots between now and the weekend.

...just plain wow!

update: The box is now using Opteron 252s and dual SLI quadro FX 4400s. The cpu coolers are now Zelman AuCu. Pictures are avilable further in the thread.

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