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Cool Re: evga SLI 6800ultra DUAL Opteron


I allocate part of the RAM as a virtual drive. Also, you will need to run MS Win 2003 Ent server 64-bit to see all the ram or enable the PAE extensions in the boot.ini of the 32 bit version. However only the 64 bit version actually makes use of the SRAT and NUMA.

I really can't imagine ever using all of it... but you never know...

Yes, there is such a thing as a dual opteron SLi board.

It's the Thunder K8we from TYAN. The Hypertransport layer runs at a true 1GHz.

It's an S2895 - received it yesterday evening. Spent a late night building the whole thing.
Actually it wasn't that much work. The case and drives were already there from the previous board (TYAN Thunder s2885 with a pair of opteron 250s)

I sold my 6800ultra AGP and bought two PCI express versions from evga. Bit of a sore spot. The pci express version was $100 more per card than the agp.
but after I loaded the OS I spent about 4 hours setting it up, installing games and optimizing services and registry.

I messed with the SLI trying to see if alternating frames or splitting the screen was better. Jury is still out. The 64-bit driver has a few extra features.

As far as the drives go - I really don't see much risk in the Raid 0, I have a decent back-up.
Prior to this config I used 4 of the 300GB from Maxtor for 7 months in RAID 0 and never had a problem.

RAID 0 on 4 SATA drives is pretty fast... quite fast... and it is 1.6 terabytes in a PC.

I suppose for proof I'll take some pics this week for you guys - I had not expected to be second guessed on this...


Jay Venturi
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