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Unhappy GeForce4 MX440 [CRASHES] 4191

none of the nvidia drivers have ever worked for my system, and the latest ones 4191 are no difrent. err.. actualy the new ones dont hang the system but they trap the display requireing me to shell in remotaly and reboot the system.

there is something seariously wrong with them and im doing everything right.

I have a PcChips M810L Motherboard with a AMD Duron 1000mhz (Morgan core) with the latest bios patch applied and here is where I think the prolbem is.. Ive tested the Card on very similar PcChips M815L Motherboard and had no prolbems. (the systems had a _very_ similar software configuration as well, the card also runs well on a Pentium2 board just fine)

ive even gone so far as to speak with some XFree86 developers on this.. and im currentaly using there 2D "nv" driver without any trouble at all (except for the preformance)

so.. what I want to know is.. should I keep trying to document and debug this prolbem, and e-mailing your support only to be ignored?

ive been working on this since september. here is my logfile.
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