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Default Re: gaming fees...?

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD
I prefeer buying a game one time and then i am freely to use it how often or so and dont pay no more. I realize that MMRPGS needs fees and there are lots of people that are willing to pay thats ok, but stop saying that if i want to play doom3 rest of my life i gotta pay like 20 bucks every year otherwise what, i am a bad person ?
Totally agree. I prefer to pay once and get it over with, too.

If a game is worth it (I haven't quite decided that one is, yet) I'll pay, but, of course, I'd rather not.

Like AlphaHK, if it's not worth it to you, it's pretty easy to ignore, so the issue becomes a non-issue.

Now if they all started requiring internet access like HL2 AND required a monthly fee, I'd be pissed, and I would definitely stop playing. Start building hot-rods or something...
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