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Default Chronicles of Riddick

Is this available ina 64-bit flavor?


Rig Spec:

Dual evga 6800ultra SLI (copper heatsinks)
Dual Opteron 250
Tyan s2895 with sata and scsi (Thunder K8WE)
16 GB of RAM ecc reg
(4) sata Hitachi Deskstar 400GB (1.6 terabytes raid 0)
Samsung 243t 24" lcd DVI
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 64bit RC1

I get a decent score on n-bench 3, and I can get good fps scores on Doom 3. Painkiller and Far Cry, I cannot get HalfLife to work correctly (-but then again who cares?). I have also used the Q3 1.17 smp test.

Syssoftsandra is untrustworthu and the synthetic nature of the test almost seems to look at the spec and calculate the projected performance.

hence the question:

What is a good system benchmark that is believable and accurate?
(Please don't suggest 3dmark, I don't find DX benchies worth anything)
(Aquamark -same)

Is there anything stable that can test a dual opt rig/64 with SLI?

Thanks in Advance

Jay Venturi
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