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StealthHawk: I half agree with you, higher prices don't always mean higher overall profits, but on the other hand there is the "Rolls Royce" factor. Some people will pay stupid amounts of money every 6 months to stay 2 years ahead of games engines!

But I really think that the pricing strategy will depend on by how much (or not) NV30 spanks R300. If it really lays the smack down then the price will undoubtedly be higher.

Of course they can always play the 4200/4400/4600 trick, and have different cards with different clock speeds and different prices. This will make them both price competitive whilst also allowing them to fleece the gotta-have-the-fastest crowd for some free dollars.

ChrisW: If nVidia are selling NV30 chips to the card manufacturers for $100 each that sets a lower limit for the price of a card, doesn't it? So at least some of the final price is in the gift of nVidia.
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