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Default Re: 6600GT - Are you happy?

Bought a Leadtek A6600GT a week ago when I upgraded from a 9500pro.
Very happy with the card. Very unhappy with Forceware least my first forray into them.

First there was the refresh rate bug in the control panel that caused all my OpenGL games to slow by about 50% when using any AA. Then there was the infamous DEP bug that affected UT2004 and almost all of my direct3d games. Finally there was the problem with Halo being unplayable once using Forceware 71.80.

Other than driver problems, the only other thing I can nitpick about is the temperature of my GPU under load. I have pretty decent airflow in my case with about 4 silent fans (2 intake + 2 exhaust) and the card idles at around 38 degrees C (pretty good). Under load the card shoots up to 76 degrees on average. I doing something wrong here, or did all the review sites get way better coolers than me with their cards?
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