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Default Re: Nvidia SLI Investigation.

Originally Posted by Malficar
Great job Chris, as usual. You are often, IMO, the board MVP.

eva2000's frames at 1600x1200 with 4xAA/16xAF illustrate precisely why I want SLI. The SLI min/average frames with GTs or Ultras are just too impressive.

Soon as I break down and get that new monitor it's all over for me I'll have zero resistance left.
yup, reinstalled steam and restored my backups

CounterStrike: Source Stress Test

3500+ 90nm @ 2211mhz stock
A8N-SLI Deluxe 1004.01
2x eVGA 6800U PCI-E SLI @ stock 425/1100
2x 512MB OCZ PC3700EB @ 201mhz 3-2-2-8 1T

all video options set to HIGH


with 71.25 drivers

1600x1200 = 134.88 fps
1280x1024 = 143.73 fps
1024x768 = 150.68 fps


1600x1200 = 135.15 fps
1280x1024 = 142.94 fps
1024x768 = 149.00 fps

all res done in same windows session and same session of CS:S
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