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Default Re: 6600GT - Are you happy?

Bought a BFG 6600GT OC locally about a month ago and other than paying too much for it (I wanted to be able to return it quickly if it turned out to be a lemon), I have had zero trouble with it. Upgraded from a BFG 5700 Ultra and the performance difference was very noticeable. Btw, I am still running the 66.93 (shipping drivers) with 4x AGP and Fastwrites enabled. She idles at 38 degrees and I can run rthdribl windowed with quality setting, 8XAA/16XAF and the temp never goes above 68 degrees. So far I am happy with this card. I may try the 67.66 drivers sometime in the short future but right now it ain't broke so I see no need to fix it.
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