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Default Re: 6600GT - Are you happy?

Originally Posted by bishibashiboy
Other than driver problems, the only other thing I can nitpick about is the temperature of my GPU under load. I have pretty decent airflow in my case with about 4 silent fans (2 intake + 2 exhaust) and the card idles at around 38 degrees C (pretty good). Under load the card shoots up to 76 degrees on average. I doing something wrong here, or did all the review sites get way better coolers than me with their cards?
I have virtually the exact same temps with my Leadtek 6600gt (540/1000). A little dissapointing but the card handles all games and benchmarks without lockups, reboots.
My case-cooling is not that great though with 1 intake + 1 exhaust fan, temp at 35-39 C. Gonna improve airflow and get that temp down.

Other than that it's been great.
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