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Default Re: NVIDIA SLI investigation

Very nice work. Thanks.

Told you about them Gigabyte boards, glad to see my opinion of Gigabyte wasn't that far off. See you switched to the Asus. Smart move.

Too bad there's no GF6800GT comparison to these results because I'm thinking the single card is still a better value proposition to those unwilling to upgrade within 3 months with eVGA and given that if you pay the same or less for the 6800GT, then you can later upgrade to another GT whereas if you've got two 6600's, well... the best you can do is sell the 6600's and upgrade after that.

I think most people with the same amount of cash would do better to get the same setup, buy a 6800GT, and then when everyone else is talking about the next nV chip, upgrade to another 6800GT to give yourself better performance than probably the new chip in a one card scenario.
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