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Originally posted by poursoul
btw, there are only a few posts, i doubt this thread will be very contraversal.
"There is still hope" <- Guess this quote ;P

Heh, well, you may be wrong my good friend. Ahh but you may be right. Either way, it seems the recent 41.80 drivers have brought good fortune. SpeedTree and AquaMark now work perfectly. Not only these benchmarks, but as mentioned on the front of the nV News page, many other demos and perhaps even some games are now compatible with the Detonator 40 drivers. It's surprising that so many had issues similar to each other in the first place, and makes you wonder if it was the same bug causing all the errors. The only bad news: 3DMark1999 still incorrectly detects DirectX. : boohoo : ..!., ,.!..

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