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Default Re: DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

So, I'm having same problem like all people here..

But I need to be the TFT "Xineramascreen 0" in Xorg! I wouldn't care that there is no nvidia-option to specify which screen is the "first", if there would be some X option or Xinerama option to specify which screen will end up as "Xineramascreen 0". But I didn't find anything.

And a lot of windowmanagers make special use of "Xineramascreen 0". Not every application/window manager does have options like gdm to specify the Xineremascreen to use.

So it's really annoying that this can't be specified anywhere (for example it's possible with some xfree drivers like 'radeon').

Dear NVidia developers, I'd be a very great help to a lot of people, if there would be a possibility to define Xinerama screen order!


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