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Default Re: NVIDIA SLI investigation

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
It's a slightly modified Quality setup. I posted it over in the EQ 2 forums. But dont mind posting it here. Shadows simply have to stay off in this game if you want to play at any reasonable framerate.

cl_screenwidth_windowed 1024
cl_screenheight_windowed 746
r_performance 7
last_selected_char_id 207068
r_performance 7
cl_screenwidth 1152
cl_screenheight 864
cl_screenrefresh 100
o_max_farplane 500.000000
r_fast_layer_min_distance 29.100000
cl_letter_box_amount 0.000000
cl_textureshrink 1
cl_charactertextureshrink 1
r_texture_lodding_shrink 1
r_bloom false
r_bloom_atmospheric false
r_splashes 1
splash_particles_enabled true
r_drawocean_quality 2
r_envcube_updates 2
r_particle_priority 0
num_active_spell_results 0
r_particle_lod_scale 2.304000
r_point_particle_max_size 0.215000
r_light_priority 1
r_max_torches 0
r_max_lights 3
r_max_spec_lights 3
r_light_bump_max_distance 29.100000
r_min_dir_ambient_intensity 0.300000
r_shadow_priority 0
r_shadows_torch false
r_shadows_characters false
r_shadows_keep false
cl_lod_scale 1.869000
cl_lod_tridensity 72700.000000
r_ec_max_lod0 4
r_ec_max_lod1 14
r_min_anim_update_rate 1.721400
r_anim_update_start 0.050000
r_initial_point_weight 0.581000
r_particle_cloth false
r_flora true
r_flora_density_scale 0.950500
r_gamma 1.115000
r_brightness 0.030000
ics_combatautoface false
r_active_first_person_camera_pitch false
sound_provider Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio
speakers 2 speakers
r_target_mouse_over_glow 0.000000
You definitely know what you are talking about with Everquest II. I simply defeated the optional shadow features, and set the selectable box to min shadows then ran from the Beggers Court gate to the Inn doors at the Jade dragon(Lion?) in North Freeport. It seemed smoother and reported this at stock system settings 1280x1024, 4xAA/16xAF High Quality selected in game, save the shadows off as noted.

2005-02-10 10:25:36 - EverQuest2
Frames: 6135 - Time: 116752ms - Avg: 52.547 - Min: 33 - Max: 93

I will have to dink around with some of the other settings you suggest and try a more demanding area like Beggers Court itself.

As always thanks for all the work/feedback.
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