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Default Re: GeForce 6600 GT - are you satisfied?

Well, I voted "Still working on trying to fix...". Most of my problems (black screen hangs, reboots, etc) were fixed initially by setting max frames to render ahead to 0 in directx properties. But because of the 67.66s, I dont need to do that anymore (because it seemed to fix the real issue, whatever it was). So that problem, and the one that was initially frustrating the crap out of me since late December, is solved. I voted still working to fix though because I still get weird behavior in some games, for example missing textures in Anarchy Online, weird white shading in Scrapland Demo, blank overlays in Starshatter Demo, failed directx7 test, etc. Like my previous issue, I believe they are driver related. Doesnt stop me from tinkering around though, just gives me some hope to cling to without frustration.

Ah, also have linux issues still, but thats another ride...
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