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Default Re: Faster then a 4600TI..

Originally Posted by GuyClinch
How much do you need to pay for a card that's a bit faster then a 4600TI. My fan is dying on that card and I could use DX9 support. Is like a 5500 really faster? Maybe a cheap 9800 is out there?
Your Ti4600 utterly crushes the FX5500 in raw speed.. I shouldn't choose that card..

Any ideas? I do want a card that is just as fast at DX8 though. The 4600 is faster then people realize, IMHO.
You're right here.. a Ti4600 is a very strong card and still have some kick left. Although it doesn't support DX9 features.. Going for a cheap 9800 (Pro) is a good option. nice increase in overall speed/features.

But like the most ppl say. If you can afford a 6600GT you should do it. Those cards really pack a punch.
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