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Default Re: KOTOR II Ships !

Originally Posted by msxyz
I've been playing it for some 10 hours.
Ive been playing for five

This game kind stinks of old. I'm going to leave out of this reply any technical consideration about the crap graphic engine and its horrible performance for the low amount of polygons it draws on the screen.
Same here, its playable, but jeesh the performance sucks for something that throws around no more polys than Quake 3. If an xbox can run it fine, why am I getting ~15fps in places on a 6800/P4 2.4/1.5 GIG ?

Music is more like some background filler that the good scores of the first episode.
Yeah, I haven't heard any real star wars music yet, I guess they couldn't afford the license.

The two companions I encountered have uninspiring, stereotyped personalities (the small time criminal with an hidden heroic personality and the old, wise pal with a clouded past to leave behind) and they cannot hold a candle to characters like Canderous Ordo or Jolee Bindo.
The characters are lame... I miss Carth and Bastilla. This game just doesn't have the magic of the original. In the movie world, it would be one of those straight-to-video sequels.

This is what I get for buying a game without downloading it first.

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