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Default Dual Opteron SLI first benchies

Well gents,

here are the first of the benchies:

3d mark 05 : 10896

I was hoping for higher but looking around the net it seems to be an expected score with the dual 6800 ultras. The score does not show 3dmark taking advantage of the 2nd cpu or the ram... which was expected. I ran the free demo and let it run at the stock test.

Doom 3 version 1.1

Ultra settings , 4x ant, 1600x1200, all eye candy
timedemo demo1 usecache - 96.7 completed in less than 20sec.

Once again there does not seem to be any obvious benefit from the 2nd processor and ram

Things to note:

I ran 3dmark-05 4 times and the scores were substantially different every time: 10896. 9447. 10003. 9582. I don't know why the difference in the scores exists.

The CPU test part of 3dmark gave a stuttered image on the airship/gondola test

3dmark 05, in details, only saw 12GB of ram, the other 4 don't seem to be detected by the test software. The OS does show all 16GB of RAM.

The 3dmark-05 tests were run at 1024x768 NOT 1600x1200 as I had hoped.

Hope this helps



Dual Opteron Dual Core 2222s (OC 3.17GHz)
2 evga Superclocked 8800 GTX SLI (650-1550-2080 OC)
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8 terabytes (8 x 1T drives)
ex8350 raid controller card
Dual Tagan 1100Watt Power Supplies (2200W)
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