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Default SUSE8, SAX2 not showing promising signs

Hi everyone, I just installed the newest Nvidia drivers for Suse 8 on Linux. I get a few dma errors and another that I noted down was "Failed to allocate UT Context menu". This happen when I checked "3D". I checked the XF86Config file, and yeah "glx" is there. I wanted opengl support. The screen would go blank. I went to level 3 mode, and took had to edit "nvidia" driver line to "nv" and remarked out the 'glx" just to get back into x. This is very odd, since it worked fine on the same system running RH7.3 with the updated NVidia drivers. My system specs is an ABIT KA7-100. Can anyone help? Oh yeah this happens either if I update the nvidia drivers via YAST/SUSE or doing it straight from nvidia.
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