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Default Re: Half-LifeČ Feedback Thread

Currently at Highway 17 (hard) for the second time. I really liked this game, the graphics are great and so is the gameplay. Too bad I get *****loads of stuttering running on rig featuring 2.7Ghz (FX55+ performance-like) A64 3200+ 939, 6800GT and a gig of RAM. Also I get random slowdowns for no damn reason. I made a custom config file which made the game really good, but not perfect. Oh, and there's really no scary part in this game, except when you finally get to meet the fast zombies, when they jump from roof to roof in Ravenholm.

I would really like to know how you can get the blue Gravity Gun before you get to Our Benefactors, it would be a challenge to finish the game using it only.
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