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Default Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...

The cheapest 6600 GT AGP would have to be around $200 to $210. You can get a BFG 6800NU for $250 at Fry's. Considering that the 6800nu has a HUGE overclocking headroom (most people getting 400/800+ from stock 325/700), plus not to mention the possibilty of unlocking pipelines, 6800nu is the clear choice..

Also, since when is the difference between the two like $100.

Average price for 6600GT AGP is about $215-$220.

Average price for 6800nu is about $270-$280, and the BFG at Fry's is $250. That's more like $60 at best. 6800nu is the clear choice..
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