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I just sold my Hauppauge WinTV for a Leadtek TV2000 XP. Both good cards, but same as FastM wanted the better recording options (encoding on the fly without having to get stuff like PowerVCR, scheduling). Also, the remote control is better with the Leadtek, software is incorporated rather than having to install a seperate app. All I miss that Hauppauge had is Nicam stereo.

FastM - have you tried the new WinfastTV with time shifting on it? It kind of works, but with a slight problem on the sound. While recording, the line-in option is un-muted. When playback starts, the line-in is muted so you only hear what has been recorded (via the WAV channel). Problem happens when the recording catches up with the initial time shift, because line-in is muted it doesn't record any more sound
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