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Default TNT2 + Fedora Core 3 + nVidia drivers

Hello. My first offer for those people who are using mandrake 10.0 community to use 53.36 driver instead of the last one.
I have been trying for months to solve the issues with TNT2 and nvidia drivers on linux distributions. I have been succesful with mandrake 10.0 community with the explanation above.
I have did everything what was written both on this forum and also everywhere on the net; I was not be able to success to build a working configuration with the nvidia drivers with FC3 and TNT2 for around 3 months.
The trick for using nvidia driver on mandrake 10.0 was to edit modprobe.preload file; but similar approaches for FC3 never success for TNT2 cards. I also tried to edit "Makefile" file in /usr/src/nv/ folder, it allways refuses what I did. For example, the nvidia-installer utility does not use the correct headers in the kernel-source package. ( If you dont believe me, please check two log files /var/log/nvidia-installer.log in both FC3 and Mandrake distros...)
I will be waiting for nvidia to fix those all problems with TNT2 because I think there are too many people who are still using old TNT2 cards...
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