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Originally Posted by demonized
Is the registration still closed? Incase people don't know what im talking about.;/article.html

2nd question: whats the exact number of players each realm can support?
God, I hope so. The lag and login server downtime in this game is just...extreme. Not only should they cut off new members, but they should have capped off new Alliance members a long time ago. If you play on a PVP server you'll have a hard time even questing/leveling on the Horde side beyond level 30 because the Alliance population is so HUGE that there are like two or more 4 - 5 man Alliance gank squads (all your level or +10 or more) hanging around EVERY quest area killing all Horde on sight.

I love PVP and all, but to be outnumbered 8:1 by a bunch of level 50 - 60 alliance EVERYWHERE you go gets a bit old. Imagine playing Capture the Flag style games (Quake 3 or UT or something) and your team is 2 people with newbie guns and theirs is always 18 people with the best gear in the game. Fun huh?
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