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Default Tutorial: Playing Windows Games | Redhat 8.0

I thought I'd share my experience because I think it's worth to try.
After following this tutorial you should be able to fireup *most* Windows based applications and games.

This is a bit different from borgzilla's post. I will go into more detail on installing and configuring WineX emulator.

First you need to grab CVS version (or if you have a stable version of WineX, preferably in tarball format)

Log into your X server environment using your username (not root). Then open up a terminal and type:

NOTE: if you already have a tarball version of WineX you can skip the first step.

Your first step is to log into CVS server:
cvs login

It will ask you for a password so just press ENTER.
Now you need to grab the latest files (it may take a while)
cvs -z3 co wine

(You should end up in /home/<username>/wine)
NOTE: you need to substitute <username> for your username of course :)

Your second step would be compiling WineX.

In README they say that you should use the installation script from ./tools/wineinstall but we won't :) Being still in /home/<username>/wine let's configure it:


(Using ./configure -help will list different parameters you could use)
NOTE: If you compile from the WineX source and don't specify any arguments in ./configure, all dll's will be dumped to /usr/local/lib. You DON'T have to specify anything in ./configure if you don't want to, but you will have to change one thing after installation.

After the configuration process type:

make depend && make

(This may take upto an hour depending on your CPU/RAM)

During the third step you will HAVE to install WineX with root privileges because ldconfig will be ran in the end, so type:

su root
<ENTER password>
(You should still be in /home/<username>/wine

Now let's install WineX:

make install

All the files will be copied and ldconfig will start. As I mentioned above if you didnt specify anything in ./configure, you will get an error trying to fireup a Windows application. In other words executing: wine /home/volt/.wine/c_drive/mIRC/mIRC.exe will most likely produce: "Error while loading shared libraries:"

In order to fix that, you need to temper with /etc/
Using root privileges edit (I used 'pico /etc/', but you can use whatever editor you like). It is possible that the dynamic linker simply doesn't know to look for the dll's. It will look into /lib or /usr/lib but not usr/local/lib. So open with your favorite editor and add /usr/local/lib path to it. It should work now.

No...we are not done :D

Your third step is pretty simple :)
We will now configure WineX in your home directory. We need to make couple of folders:

mkdir /home/<username>/.wine
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/windows
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/windows/system
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/windows/system32
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/program files
mkdir /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/program_files

NOTE: Do NOT change the system paths, though you may change the 'program files' path to something else.

Now we need to copy a sample config file from CVS directory ./wine/documentation/samples/config to your /home/<username>/.wine directory:

cp /home/<username>/wine/documentation/samples/config /home/<username>/.wine

Being still root, edit the file that you have copied:

pico /home/<username>/.wine/config (or whatever editor you prefer)

Now go down to:

[Drive C]
"Path" = "${HO****/.wine/c_drive/" "
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "Windows Drive"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

(Make your [Drive C] section look like the above)

Now go to [Registry] section and make sure
"LoadWindowsRegistryFiles" = "Y"
Than there are different settings, which I will not get into (it's specified in the documents). You can choose specific settings for each application ex:

"Managed" = "Y"
"Desktop" = "1024x768"

This will tell WineX to fireup Quake III in a window @ 1024x768

Now we need to create a registry. Go into your WineX CVS directory (/home/<username>/wine) and type:

./programs/regapi/regapi setValue < winedefault.reg

This will create a file in /home/<username/.wine

NOTE: I did not have to edit anything else, though you may if you want to change the system paths and other stuff :)


Okay so you can install the game from CD-ROM into /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive or fire it up from your FAT32 drive (Note I did not experiment with NTFS partitions because it's dangerous). If you are not confident just install the game on your Linux drive :)

I will be installing Quake III:

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom
wine setup.exe (or whatever the setup is called)

This will fireup the installation process. By default it will install the game in C:\Program Files\Quake III (I think). Don't worry it's actually installing the game in /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/program files (where c_drive is C:\)

Once it's installed let's play it :)
If you want to start a game with parameters type:
wine -- c:\\program files\\Quake III\quake3.exe -nocdaudio -nojoy +mlook (-- is used when you want to specify a parameter)

If you don't want parameters than just go into /home/<username>/.wine/c_drive/program files/Quake III
and type:

wine quake3.exe

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