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Default Re: KOTOR II Ships !

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Romances are in the game aswell as converting other characters into Jedi's (all but Mandalor and the Driods I believe).
You cannot describe a couple of lines of dialogue as "romances". Nothing compared to the first Kotor, much less to game like Baldur's Gate 2.

Aside from Bao-Dur's fate (and maybe because it's the only one which was intended to end like that) all the rest of the NPCs get a couple of lines of dialogue at the end and nothing more. The ending sequence is a lame 30 sec movie. Wtf ?

The whole influence concept, while certainly a positive innovation, it was badly implemented or not used to its full potential. It affects only a few dialogues lines. And there is no NPCs training as Jedi: it's simply a matter of unlocking them. Big deal. Before the end of the game I had my little army of LVL 20+ jedi knights beating the sh!t out of the galaxy at my will.

As originally planned, it seems that the actions and the dialogue options of the main character would have affected also the jedi training of the NPCs as well as their loyalty and their behaviour with other NPCs. Something along the lines of what seen in Baldur's Gate.

Nothing of this made to the final game.

One last thing: random items suck. You can get uber items at the beginning of the game or end up your quest with your inventory littered by dozens of identical, useless things. Aside from a few plot objects EVERYTHING is random. Loot, treasures, merchant stuff. Needless to say, this thing is very unbalancing. Random items should be limited to minor loot like health packs, grenades, side weapons.
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