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I got alittle more then a few lines of dialog with my romances (they don't exactly show you the intimacy but they insinuate it). (Spoiler) "I saw the force through visa's eyes" and she "needed" and "desired" me. Keria even warned me not to mate with her because it could cause trouble and at the end she told me how Visa loved me and could never be allowed to follow me to Revan. Remember you see different events depending whos in your party and how much influence you have with them.(End Spoiler)

The first time I played, I couldn't get Handmaiden to become a jedi and she wouldn't even talk to me because of my high Influence and usage of Visa. Influence also plays a part of how well the characters follow you through your dark/light side journey. If you don't have high influence you can be an evil SOB but they wont be, if you do they shall follow your path.

Isn't being random better? I mean it makes it so the game will be slightly different everytime you play. Merchant Items and Swag Items being in the same spot every game would be boring, I can beat the FF games in under 25 Hours after 2 play throughs because NOTHING is random except the encounters.

Loyalty was NEVER planned to be effected by influence, the who story plot behind KOTOR is loyalty. The some characters even state it themselves that they don't know why they follow you... they just do. Influence was always based directly towards you, NPC to NPC reaction was never a part of it. They act like they are scripted to towards eachother, Visa and the Handmaiden would never get along no matter if both were max on influence.

Does an ending really need a movie to be good? I don't think so, I thought this one to be great. It answered many questions and got me hyped for KOTOR3.

The ending was more of a sight into the future, when KOTOR3 releases it will pick off after this game. So its basically a cliffhanger, Im hoping the next game will put the main characters from KOTOR1 (Revan) and KOTOR2 (You) as party members along side a new main character. (End Spoiler)

Ninja, Just play the game through. Im sure you will like it.
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