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Default nForce (one) drivers, what's available ?

Hi group, first post here.

I have got an old MSI "K7N 420 Pro" motherboard, with the "nForce" (one) chipset.

Windows XP loads and executes programs at the speed of light, but under Linux (I use Ubuntu), many applications are "sluggish". I thought "oh well, Linux is slower than Windows". But, I have been told by many, that they actually have the opposite experience : Linuw runs faster than Windows !

The only reason I can see for that, is the driver for the chipset. Motherboard came with a CD with driver just for Windows XP, whereas my Linux distro came with a nForce driver that I don't know anything about (where it comes from, if it's OSS or Binaries...).


1) is anyone running this motherboard (or at least this chipset) and has LINUX runnig faster than Windows ?

2) if so, what driver are you using ??

3) Are there several dirvers available for this chipset ? Does Nvidia offer one, or is there only an Open Source one ?

4) Are there options to "tweak" this driver, to optimize it for a given motherboard/system, or is it "all or nothing" thing ?

Thanks much in advance for any help/info....

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