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Default Re: Guild wars beta weekend feb 18

I really liked this game when I played it during 3 day open beta. It feels completely like a Neverwinter Nights, with better graphics, and more Diablo-esque (which is a good thing for me), and I like how easy it is to party up with others and so on.

I'm really considering buying it when it comes out, but I've heard some nasty rumours that it's short and that they'll basically force you buy the expansions. They're probably not true (I hope not), since the only reason I'm buying this game is because it's a mix of Diablo II and Neverwinter Nights and no monthly fee.

Besides, this game isn't even a real MMORPG. If some of you people are the EQ or DoAC or World of WarCraft type, this game isn't for you. It's not a MMORPG, and that's why it won't cost monthly fee. This game is more like Diablo II or Neverwinter Nights, which don't cost monthly fees either.
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