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That's what I thought, heh.

I was looking for a dual Opteron board with dual PCIe-16 slots but none existed at the time I bought my Supermicro X6DAE-G2 board.

Even then, I noticed that those Opteron 250 processors are around $700 each whereas my 3.2 Xeons are only around $335 each (at the current time).

I'd really like to know how much AMD's hypertransport memory scheme improves performance (versus Intel's E7525 chipset with the 6700PXH hub controlling memory and all other data transfer paths).

Specifically, if the Opteron CPU's are directly connected to the system memory, does that mean DMA channels do not exist which would allow direct PCI of PCIe device to memory transfers?? In other words, hypertransport requires that the data pass-through the CPU's all the time for it to reach the memory chips??

Curious to know about that.
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