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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

You guys heard of IGE? They are aggressively approaching sites and game companies directly now. They basically have armies of people playing MMORPGs to make money. Why does it suck? Well they are in competition with regular players for resources, like plat and rare drops. So you have a lot of exploiters and farmers in their groups that care squat about the game save to wring RL cash out it. This letter was sent to a site owner of a Vanguard site. I was also pleased to hear a rep from Vanguard say they flatly rejected an offer from the head of IGE. If people want to piss away money on virtual items fine, and what bothers me is how they ruin hunting areas and the game with ruthless farming and exploiting so they can make cash. Anyone play Lineage II? I know they are in WoW as well.

MMORPGs are barely worth playing as is, and if you factor in this retarded business ruining the game for folks playing it for entertainment, well its almost not worth logging in.

Here's the letter with the contact info removed:

"Purchase of your site

Hello there, -

I am interested in purchasing your site for a LARGE sum of money.
IGE has put aside four million dollars this year to purchase websites
to build up our content network.

I saw and I think it could be a great edition. We
could even work out a deal where we pay for the site and then give you a
job running the site the way you do now. So nothing changes, you get to
keep doing what you do now and make a ton of money doing it (or if you
are tired of running it we can work something out on that front as

Also, do not worry about us plastering it with IGE ads because we treat
this as a different business. We have several deals with publishers to
be announced in the next few months so we would be putting up banners
for them to promote their games across our network.

Please contact me and lets do some business."

Vanguards official stance:
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