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Exclamation Order Pizza in EQ2!

In this week's latest CNN Game Over Column: "While ads have been trickling into games for a while now, that trickle is about to become a torrent. This week's Game Over column on CNN/Money looks at the coming flood and discusses two of the more unusual approaches. EverQuest II players will be able to order pizza in-game starting next week - and be on the look out for all sorts of ads in the new Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six games. The question is: How will players react?"

I actually think this is a good idea. Making video games nowadays costs millions. This will help with revenue, and possible better games by developers not worrying so much about loss of money from taking risks with game ideas that are not mainstream.

Its beginning to get to the point where its either, charge more money for games, or have ads and such to make up for the huge expenses in game development. I really doubt they will make the ads too intrusive, although I can see where it might be.

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