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cpu: duron 1.2ghz
mobo: a7v
ram: 512mb
gpu: siluro ti4200
gpu drivers: 28.32
sound: sblive value
os: w2k sp2
directx: 8.1b

morrowind version: 1.1.0605
settings: high-quality (everthing i can think of maxed within the .ini and in-game settings menus)

morrowind is much more playable now since the official patch even before i upgraded my graphics card.

i wanna try all the new mods they got out for the game now like the jedi mod and the beast of burden mod where u can have all your loot lugged around by that one semi-domestic beast (forgot its name already lol!) like in dungeon siege u can buy a pack mule to carry your extra things
duron 1.2ghz
siluro 4200 64mb
win2k pro
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