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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by HIWTHI
I've never seen demons, a space station, or a monorail on Mars, what's your point? Source comes with those shaders and if desired that great water can be used in the engine.
The UAC built/warped all those on Mars. They didn't think to put in water [probabley has to do with that lack of atmosphere thing]. Take your crap up with the UAC. The reason you haven't seen any water in D3 is because the only released D3 engine game is D3 and it sets on Mars which has no water and apple pie can cure cancer.

Seriously, what the hell is your point? Are you trying to go somewhere with this "water" thing other than annoying?

I was simply asking if anyone had a screenshot of great water, because I've never seen great water rendered in the Doom 3 Engine
Hey buddy, I'll drop you an email when I'm born tomorrow. You damned well know there has been no water in D3 [unless you've been in a cave and haven't played D3 in which case you really shouldn't be commenting on the engine in the first palce], you're just trying to take potshots at the engine much like the rest of your ilk. You're not the first, you unfortunetly won't be the last.

About the fire, I never said Source had better fire or anything to that point. I was simply asking about the water since that's one thing that Half-Life 2 is praised for.
Of course you wouldn't mention the fire, it's something the D3 engine is clearly superior in [along with Heat Haze]. That's why I mentioned it, to shut all the "water-mongerers" up. You get one, we get one.

As you can clearly tell I'm pretty sick of all the Source fanboys screaming bloody murder about the damned water. Ya it's nice, but I'd rather take some decent lighting and shadows over it anyday. HL2's shadows were ass and took me out of the game a few times.
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