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Originally posted by adrianhall
FastM - have you tried the new WinfastTV with time shifting on it? It kind of works, but with a slight problem on the sound. While recording, the line-in option is un-muted. When playback starts, the line-in is muted so you only hear what has been recorded (via the WAV channel). Problem happens when the recording catches up with the initial time shift, because line-in is muted it doesn't record any more sound
Im really not sure what your talking about, is their a new software package available or something?

Also just out of curiosity what recording settings do you use for recording something, i have been experimenting with DivX5.02 around 1500k/sec @ 320x240 with the sound done in MP3 44,000kh 16bit stereo. The videos look and sound good but their getting a little big. Also on my latest recording the sound was way out of sync with the video by the end of it.
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