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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Vagrant Zero, maybe you need to learn how to read or looking at your post maybe you should start at breathing. I never said show me water in Doom 3. I've played the game and know there isn't any in there. See there is this thing called mods, and they can use the engine to render other stuff that wasn't in the game. I'll put it in simple words this time: has anyone seen any good water effects created with the Doom 3 Engine. I asked, because I wanted to see it and wanted to know if a mod team had gone to the length of creating it. Instead of discussing other stuff why don't you just answer my question or don't reply at all? Youíve clearly shown your objective, and donít just start an argument when I ask a simple question.

Shaders are part of the engine, and even though teams can create them, the Source Engine already includes them. Source does guarantee great water, because the shaders come with it. Doom 3 uses BSP just as Source does along with portal based visibility. Until a mod team, or a developer creates a map that is bigger than FarCry it's hard to believe the statement that the Doom 3 engine can create levels that rival the Crytek Engine.
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