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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by HIWTHI
I'll put it in simple words this time: has anyone seen any good water effects created with the Doom 3 Engine. I asked, because I wanted to see it and wanted to know if a mod team had gone to the length of creating it.
Brilliant! So you'd want to compare non-professional work and view it as exemplemary of the engine's potential [not knocking the mod teams but I doubt ANY of them are going to push the engine to it's limits]? I'm curious as to how your brain processes functions like breathing and posting at the same time without crapping out. Hell, I bet you'll BSOD at least twice trying to get through this post. Regardless you're the one that responded to the "no water on mars" post so clearly you were originaly talking about D3 the game at first. Look at me mom, I can bold my bull****.

Besides it's an utterly stupid ass point to be making, Quake3 engine games can put out some nice water effects [ala CoD]. It stands to reason that Q3s bigger brother can do more of the same and then some. As mentioned previously by other posters [though you chose to ignore it since it doesn't mesh with your viewpoint] water effects are shader-based.

Vagrant Zero, maybe you need to learn how to read or looking at your post maybe you should start at breathing.
Wait now, you want me to go learn to breath before I post? Holy crap I'm so .
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