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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Doom3 engine "water" is limited to what QUake3 game did. sadly..
COD pixel shaders where added by COD developers .. not by idsoftware. in other in an upgraded quake3 engine. honestly they IDS were very lame.. not allowing more freedom or control to the MOd community... somehow i think that this is no the fault of all of their team ,but only of the people with more power there .

nice looking water effects were requested years ago by Doom3 fans in quakecom.. for the mod community .but they ignored it ..perhaps maybe because .. the is no water in mars ..after all..

realistic Physics , multiplayer , big outdoors , water effects , highly interactive enviroments ,Advanced AI.. , offline BOts.. coperative gameplay ,vehicles.. you name it..and many more things were requested.. but all they wanted was "clasic style doom game" with legacy gameplay keep it as simple as possible ,in a single player "inmersive" game. if there is any thing requested by the community that finally did it in the game at some ethereal degree.. was thanks to few members there with a greater vision of gamepley and persuasive abilities. Doom3 could be easily game of the year at every PCMagazine or internet place ratings without question gameplay ,graphics and everything else .if they never underestimated and listened a little more to the request of the community. there are probably more people playing Quake1 today online than with id software latest game.

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