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Unhappy Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution

Hi All

Tried the fix but still get a hanging linux box (embarrasing when clients are around and I am trying to advocate linux).

Interupted grub
Removed the rhgb parameter
logged in as root
changed init level to 3
ran 'modprobe nvidia'
ran 'cp -a /dev/nvidia /etc/udev/devices'
(also configured xorg.conf appropriately)
rebooted and it just hung

Am running a lab of the same machines and recently installed FC# on all of them ... need to get this to work :\

Only thing that could be an issue I can think of is that the pc's are all nforce chipsets (On board GeGorce 2). Other thanthat they are amd XP 1700 with 512 MB ram.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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