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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by Intel17
Oh really?

Sure looks like Quake 3 water to me!

Nv40, why do you keep putting down Doom 3's Engine?

Also, there's another shot of even better water, but the link is down because it's for a defunct mod. But basically, they wrote a displacement shader, mixed it with the per-pixel environment mapping shader, and then used the heat-haze for refraction.

You can write any shader you want for Doom 3, in either asm or CG.

im not putting down Doom3 engine.. just saying the facts. Already saw your screenshot .. that is far from "Water" for today standars in my book. lets not talk about next generation games. you could do that in quake3 too if you are good with programming. heck in quake3 someone got rain and fountain water effects.

You can write any shader you want for Doom 3, in either asm or CG
of course.. you can do that with any other game outhere that can be modded. thats not a feature ,but a lame excuse to make people finish an unfinished game/engine that could be much better if they listened a little more the community. can write your own game/engine , or even an entire new operating system better than windowsXp ,or anything you wish ..if you are a programmer with good skills ,the sky is the limit.

but for the majority of the gamers.. in the MOD community ,people that are limited to the tools developers give to them.. and that doesnt have half a million dollars to license a game engine ..or doesnt know a jack of programming , for those people the sky is not the limit.. but what the developers do in their games.

once QUake4/or other games using the same tech. is released people will ignore completely Doom3/engine and will move all their Doom3 stuff there.. simply because any other developers that license that engine will fill the big holes left by idsoftware in their engine.

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