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Here is my question. Why does the warrior suck so bad? Why was he made so much weaker than the rest? They say he is the melee king... compared to what? I don't see it and am really pissed I wasted 3 weeks and am only on lvl 22.

I want to switch to a preist but I don't want to start over. This just plain pisses me off. Even Blizzards quote "discription of what a warriors attributes are supposed to be are bull crap.

BTW This needs to be a stickie. I will be running in here asking questions and complaining.

BTW I just finished Instance last nite...well actually I just sat back and watched a lvl50 warrior human tank through the hole lvl. I would run up take a poke and blister the eneny with my fearsum 3 hp then run away and yell for a preist to heal me. Yes it is impossible to finish that question with out a warrior tanking for you.

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