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Default Re: Faster then a 4600TI..

Dude the 4600 card should have DX9 support. My old peace of crap 4200 has DX9 support. hmm. well i cant say my card is a peace of junk.It can play Farcry at med. graghics with hardly any jumping or glitches.Any way if your lookin for somethin cheap like i am. I would go for a 5700 Xt or 5900.Or go for the ATI 9700 pro or 9800. I'v seen them all over ebay, pricewatch,Xtremegear,PCmal,zipzoomfly,tigerdirect ,ect.

Originally Posted by GuyClinch
How much do you need to pay for a card that's a bit faster then a 4600TI. My fan is dying on that card and I could use DX9 support. Is like a 5500 really faster? Maybe a cheap 9800 is out there?

Any ideas? I do want a card that is just as fast at DX8 though. The 4600 is faster then people realize, IMHO.

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