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Originally Posted by vampireuk
I'm playing my 26 warrior and he is a beast and that's even with his talent points in the wrong pool. A lot of it is based on your equipment, I have a lot of blue items that I made for myself and also a awesome weapon from a guild mate. The miss rate requires fixing and also rage generation but personally I think the warrior is a awesome class to play.
I love the game fighting part and can't wait to get a enchanted sword. I just wish they would make him more dominating in the weapons area.

I have a axe that I got in Instance and it is my best weapons to date. 18.3 per second. I know there are plenty out there that are better but man this axe sure packs a thump for a level 22.

I also just picked up a silver plated shotgun from the auction with a scope for +3. I can get up to 58 on one shot. Not bad for 40 silver. I love the auction. I could spend hours there.

BTW my guild suxors. I need to find a good one. You need to move over here so we can play WOW.
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