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I'm on Windrunner if u feel like re-rolling a warrior and joining my guild udawg. I'm a lvl 51 Warrior, and i have 3769 HP. I can tank things extremely well, but i felt like having more of an advantage in soloing. So i became an arms/fury warrior. When i get hit for a critical, Enrage enables giving me a 32% increase in damage dealed for 4 hits, Bloodrage enables healing me for 5HP every second and if i hit Deathwish, it gives me an extra 20% damage on top of the extra 32% damage i can deal for 30 seconds. I'm aiming to have Bloodthirst soon as well, so when that enables i hit my next creature for 100% damage as long as it's within 15 seconds of bloodthirst enabling. I have my improved overpower so that my chance to crit with overpower is 50%, my sunder armour removes 1800 armour from the beast after 5 sunder's. With a fully sundered enemy, enrage and deathwish enabled, i can hit mobs for around 350 with a 32.9 dps hammer. Or i can use my epic Fiery War Axe and hit them for 500 non crit. Well into the 800's with a crit. Geez i can't wait for lvl 60.
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