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Originally posted by Nutty
Thats exactly how your real eyes work duh!
The image each eye gets is only 2d. Each eye is basically just a pinhole camera.

IF you cover one eye, you drastically lose depth perception. Although you wont notice it immediately as you remember your surroundings. Placed in a completely new room with 1 eye covered you would notice it tho.

I'm waiting for cerebral implant technology, to completely bypass our eyes.. yeah!!
If you are blind in one eye you can still see depth, the lens in your eye changes shape to focus on object near or far. With shutter glasses and 3D techniques like it, the lenses in your eyes are focused at a screen 2 feet away from you. But the stereopsis effect tricks you into thinking that you are staring down a corridor to an object 100 feet away. Your visual system is seeing two depths at the same time which causes the headaches that people experience. The only flat image that can look 3D to a single eye is a hologram.

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