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ok this is what u need, u need to get the Nvidia driver from Nvidia, and also the kernel update from nvidia, for your system e.g there are several diffenet one, if u have an athlon smp system MAKE SURE U GET ATLHON SMP and not i686 as it will not work, so for example, i got the nvidia drive for linux, and then got redhat 8.0smp kernel update for athlon processors!

install kernel update fiorst then the driver. once thats done, get a toold called yanc 0.1.1

here is the link

just copy and paste that and down laod thetooland install.

once u have done that u should run that tool help u setup twinview, (you can goto for documentation)

now edit your XFreeconfig file

look for "vesa" or "nv" in thedevice section rename it to "nvidia" and save and exit

now just restart x and viola !

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