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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
This thread is ridiculous. Some of you are trying to start making this place like Rage3D. You have to be an idiot to think ATI hardware is crap. Their cards rock just like nVIDIA's new line. I'm not going to mention the GeForce FX which after buying a new 6800 and seeing the more modern DX9 results of the FX, I took a big breath and was happy that I didn't take my chances with one.

Anyway, the reason I visit this place is because people don't bash ATI and are fair. In my opinion, you Oldsk00l and all the others of you who are behaving like him should be banned from this forum for nonsense like this. Take your fanboyism somewhere else.

as for ati software not being good. ati linux drivers may not be good. but i never game in linux so that was never an issue for me. and i've never had any problems with ati drivers in windows. i was very happy with my 9600xt as i'm very happy with my 6800gt currently.
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